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ProjectAddressProject StartsProjects EndsBudget
Civic Initiative Greening Mala GoricaPodgorica16.04.202416.07.20245520.00
Youth Demands Project - Voices of GenZPodgorica16.04.202416.07.20244500.00
Together with the Community!Podgorica16.04.202416.06.20242676.00
Development of Youth Entrepreneurship in ZetaBracanov potok, Zeta16.04.202416.07.20244520.00
Inclusive CommunityCetnje16.04.202416.07.20243590.00
The Future of Youth: Activation of PotentialsPrinceze Ksenije 91, 81000, Podgorica16.04.202416.07.20244290.00
POO - Becoming, Persisting, ContinuingTivat16.04.202416.07.20244210.00
Accessibility = equalityIV Crnogorske proleterske brigade 44, Berane01.03.202401.03.202519711.00
Support to NGOs in the field of protection and promotion of human rights for individuals from vulnerable populationsAleksandra Divajna 1 Podgorica01.03.202401.01.202516490.00
Monitoring local government performance with a focus on the social inclusion of persons with disabilities for the period 2021-2023"Serdara Jola Piletića 1 Nikšić01.03.202401.02.202520981.00
The right to a handwritten signatureBaku bb, Lamela 3, Podgorica01.03.202401.03.202524320.00
Alarm for workplace bullying - Stop harassment at workNjegoševa br.20 Nikšić01.03.202301.11.20249790.00
Feminist school for workers in culturePiperska 370A, Podogorica01.03.202301.10.20249790.00
EMPOWER AND ENGAGE - Self-advocacy for individuals with intellectual disabilitiesMedanovići bb, Bijelo Polje01.03.202301.10.20249900.00
Support for women in the fight against gender-based violenceUl. Tršova LA/4 , Bijelo Polje01.03.202301.11.20249980.00
It is high time to improve the human rights of PWDsStari grad 454, Kotor01.11.202301.09.202419908.50
Violence exposedKralja Bodina 6/9 , Podgorica17.07.202317.12.20239925.00
UNLOCK independenceMojsija Zečevića 28/26 Berane11.01.202301.05.20248200.00
We All Get OldBerane23.10.202315.02.20242450.00
Establishment of the Association of Parents' Councils of Elementary Schools of MontenegroPodgorica23.10.202315.02.20245700.00
Through Youth Activism Toward Media LiteracyPodgorica23.10.202315.02.20246000.00
Active Youth - a More Efficient CommunityZeta23.10.202315.01.20242980.00
Green Innovations in Construction Industry: A Sustainable Path to the FutureUlcinj23.10.202315.02.20245936.00
Mental Health Festival "EMPATHY-ME, SOLIDARITY-YOU"Bar27.09.202315.11.20235440.00
The RE Community Cooks with the SunPodgorica20.06.202320.09.20234850.00
ProjectAddressProject StartsProjects EndsBudget

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